Albert R O'Connell III, LCSW-R 

​Founder of  "The Hamptons Method"

​Office Locations: Westhampton Beach, Southampton, Melville & Manhattan

Anxiety, Panic, Depression & Mood Disorders

Anxiety, Panic, Depression & Mood Disorders represent a variety of conditions which vary significantly across the landscape of mental health. The symptoms of these conditions can manifest separately however, often times co-occur with the secondary diagnosis. It is not uncommon for Individuals suffering from the symptoms self medicate and develop Alcohol/Substance Use Disorder. It is also not uncommon for individuals to suffer in silence for years and sometimes decades and sadly lifetimes without being properly diagnosed and treated. The irony is that these are some of the most underdiagnosed/identify conditions and are in fact some of the most highly successfully treated.

 Even if you remotely suspect that you or someone you know may be struggling with living with the symptoms of anxiety, panic, depression and or mood disorders, I urge you to speak with your primary health care provider to explore solutions.

Please contact my office to schedule a Free Consultation  to discuss the possible application of “The Hamptons Method” along with other modalities to help in minimizing and hopefully eradicating the major symptoms and probability of relapsing major symptoms.Type your paragraph here.